Upcoming Local TransFamilies Meetings for Parents and Caregivers:

Santa Cruz Meeting:
Saturday December 7, 3-5 pm
The Education Room of Calvary Episcopal Church
532 Center St, Santa Cruz, CA
Calvary Episcopal Church is an affirming church that welcomes people of all genders. TransFamilies does not have an affiliation with the church, beyond renting space for our meetings.

Watsonville Meeting:
Saturday, November 16th 3:00-5:00 pm
46A Brennan St, Watsonville, CA

If you have questions or concerns that need immediate attention before the next meeting,
call us at 831-205-0078 or email:

Saturday, July 22, 2017

UPDATE:  My daughter and I attended "The Future of LGBTQ Rights" presentation.  We didn't learn anything new, but we did participate to help clarify the discussion around Trans vulnerabilities and also contributed by pointing out that ACA (Obamacare) is a critical resource for the LGBTIQ+ community. This tells me we are on top of the current issues. The ACLU has our backs, but they can't initiate court cases unless they have plaintiffs.  This means they NEED stories from people being impacted. Spread the word...tell your story and contact the ACLU.

Today's world for TransFamilies presents challenges all round. But shutting down, turning off, and/or tuning out are not really options if we want a better future for our children. How do we sort through everything insisting on our attention and resources to discern where our input is needed most and would be most effective? The following presentation will attempt to answer that question.  It's on my calendar.  Hope to see you there. For those who can't make it, I'll do my best to report back to our families. 

Dina Oskiera

Rainbow Speakers Presents “The Future of LGBTQ Rights” with Michelle Welsh, July 27, Marina

Michelle Welsh, Esq – Local Attorney, board member of ACLU Northern CA and the Monterey County Chapter and Constitutional Law teacher at Monterey College of Law. With changes in the Bench of the Supreme Court and Trump’s Agenda, it is a wise advocate that knows where to focus time and energy. Michelle Welsh’s talk will help give us insight to which LGBTQ rights are stable, in play or needs our immediate advocacy and support.

Where:   Epiphany Lutheran & Episcopal Church, 425 Carmel Ave., Marina

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