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Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Transgender Role Models Part 1: Musicians and Artists

 This is my first installment on trans role models. This first installment will cover musicians and fine artists. Future installments I will cover transgender people in theater, film, dance, politics, medicine, sports, fashion and whatever fields I uncover that I can introduce you to trans role models.

Do you have an artistic kid? Do you know of any trans role models in the arts? My trans daughter age 23 is a musician. She used to be into acting and musical theater and even had the (boy) lead in Cabrillo Stage's The Music Man when she was 10. She didn't yet realize she was trans.

Later my daughter became the bass player for a local metal band and then after she began to transition she started her own doom metal band. She was lead singer and bass player.

Laura Jane Grace
Around the same time, Against Me! one of the worlds most famous metal bands, and one my daughters favorites, their leader and vocalist had just announced she was going to transition to a woman. Her name is now Laura Jane Grace. Having a role model gave my daughter more courage to stand on stage as a trans performer. Against Me! band mates and the fans accepted Laura Jane Grace and the band has maintained their popularity. Against Me! most recent album is titled  "Transgender Dysphoria Blues"

Since coming out Laura has also created a TV documentary series on AOL called "True Trans"

Miley Cyrus, Laura Jane Grace, Joan Jett
at the backyard concerts for happy Hippy Foundation
Miley Cyrus, also a famous musician and actress who considers herself non binary started The Happy Hippie Foundation,
a non profit for helping homeless LGBTIQ youth.

Below is a video link for the song "Trans Soul Rebel" which is an Against Me! song written by Laura Jane Grace and performed here by both Laura Jane and Miley in Miley's backyard to raise awareness for the foundation. Laura Jane Grace performs

More Transgender Musicians:
Frankie Jaxon
Below an article profiling 5 historically famous trans musicians ( one being Laura Jane Grace)

Jennifer Leitham
Another musician to know about is a jazz bass player Jennifer Leitham who's group "The Jennifer Leitham Trio" is currently based in Los Angeles.

 Jennifer used to play with Mel Torme and Doc Severonson on the Johnny Carson show. There is a documentery of her music and transitions called "I Stand Corrected" below is a clip about it. If interested you can order it from Amazon.
I Stand Corrected video promo

Transgender fine artists gaining recognition
Many these artists work are not appropriate for young kids
Artist: Cooper Lee Bombardier

Here is a link to an article on 10 transgender artists changing the landscape of contemporary art.

Artist: Zachary Drucker

Here's another list of 10 artists. There is some overlap in these 2 articles but some are different artists

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