Local TransFamilies Meetings for Parents and Caregivers November 2018:

TransFamilies of Santa Cruz
Saturday January 5th, 3-5 pm
The Education Room of Calvary Episcopal Church
532 Center St, Santa Cruz, CA
Calvary Episcopal Church is an affirming church that welcomes people of all genders. TransFamilies does not have an affiliation with the church, beyond renting space for our meetings.
We will also be having a 2019 strategic planning meeting at 2:00, before the meeting. Join us and help decide priorities and direction for TransFamilies in 2019.

TransFamilies of Watsonville PV
Wednesday January 9th, 6:30-8:30pm
46A Brennan St, Watsonville, CA

If you have questions or concerns that need immediate attention before the next meeting,
call Heidi at 831-251-7749 or email:


Links to local and national news that we find particularly interesting or informative.

Oct 25th, 2017 - California Becomes First State To Legally Recognize A Third Gender

Sept 27, 2017- Bill Introduced to Reinstate Trans in the Military

Sept 13, 2017- Endocrine Society Issues New Guidelines For Transgender Treatment

Aug 17, 2017- Big Corps Crush Anti Tans Bills in Texas

July 1, 2017- First Baby Born Who's Parents Put U as Gender Marker

June 13, 2017- Trans Candidate Danica Roem Wins Virgina State Primary 

May 30, 2017- Huge Court Win For Trans Rights

May 2, 2017- 200+ Members of Congress File Federal LGBTQ Rights Bill

May 1, 2017- SCOTUS Rejects Conversion Therapy

April 27, 2017- Bill in Congress to Outlaw Repairative Therapy

April 13, 2017- Virginia Court upholds LGBT Protections

April 7, 2017- Judges Hail Gavin Grimm as Human Rights Leader

April 6, 2017 - Gavin Grimm Testifies Before Congessional Panel

March 25, 2017 -Transgender High School Wrestler to Compete Against Boys

March 17, 2017 - First Openly Transgender Professional Team Athlete Retires

March 6, 2017- Breaking: Supreme Court Sends Grimm Case Back to Lower Court

Feb, 28, 2017- Jackie Evancho's trans sister wins injuction in bathroom lawsuit

Feb. 17. 2017- First Transgender Doll is Modeled on Jazz Jennings

Feb. 15, 2017- KQED Story: Boy? Girl? Both? A New Generation Overthrows Gender

Feb.15, 2017- Nearly 800 Parents of Trans Kids Sign HRC Letter Condemning Trump

Feb. 2, 2017- SF Creates Transgender District In Tenderloin

Feb. 11, 2017- South SC County Summit Empowers LGBTQ Youth

Jan. 31, 2017- Trump Keeps Federal LGBT Protections from Obama Admin. in Place!

Jan. 30, 2017- Boy Scouts To Allow Trans Boys

Jan. 1, 2017- National Geographic Transgender Revolution Issue

Nov. 15, 2016 The Link Between Autism and Trans Identity

Nov. 1, 2016- meet Oprah China Who Happens to be Transgender

Oct 16, 2016- Grown Up, the Obamacare Kid Transitions

Sept 29, 2016- Calif.Gov.Brown Signs Bill For All Single Stall Bathrooms Be Non Gendered

Sept 26, 2016- Santa Cruzan Makes Hirstory: Non-Binary Now a Legal Gender in CA

Sept 1, 2016- Trans and Adopted Exploring Teen Identity

Sept 1, 2016- Singer Jade Mya Hopes to Inspire Transgender Youth

Aug 26, 2016- New Poll Shows 3/4 of Americans Embrace Trans Rights

Aug 23, 2016- What its Like for Trans Men to Chestfeed Their Babies

Aug. 23, 2016- How the Mothers of Trans Kids are Changing the World

Aug 20, 2016- 1st published Jan 2016 The Transgender Brain - Scientific American Article

Aug 15, 2016- Puberty Blockers May Improve The Mental Health Of Transgender Adolescents

Aug 15, 2016- New Regulation Federal Buildings Must Allow Trans Bathroom Access

Aug 12, 2016-  Vodka Advertisement with Positive Trans Experience.1st released May 2016

Aug 10, 2016- Trans Model Wears Dress of Flags Where Being Gay is Illegal

Aug. 8, 2016- Nike Ad features Chris Mosier Trans Athlete

Aug 7, 2016- Higher Percentage Of Adopted Kids are Trans Than in General Population

Aug 6, 2016- Trans Super Model Lea T part of Rio Opening Ceremony

July 28, 2016- Trans Activist Sarah McBride Makes History Speaking At Democratic National Convention (4 minute video of speech and bio)

July 1, 2016-  Mississippi Judge Strikes Down Anti LGBT Law Minutes Before it Was to Take Effect (be sure to watch the video - it's great)

June 30, 2016- Pentagon on Trans Troops: "These Are the Kind of People We Want"

June 30, 2016- Estimate of U.S. Transgender Population Doubles to 1.4 Million Adults

June 29, 2016- 2 Transgender Women Make History With Congressional Primary Wins

May 12, 2016-  Obama Administration tells schools to let transgender students pick own bathrooms

July 15, 2015 - Caitlyn Jenner accepts Arthur Ashe Award at the ESPYS

June 30, 2015 - Girl Scouts Won't Exclude Any Girl

June 17, 2015 - Nation’s first LGBT homeless shelter opens in SF

February 20, 2015 - Rep. Mike Honda 'humbled' by support for his transgender granddaughter

May 11, 2012 - Queer youth leaders to be honored Saturday in Santa Cruz

May 8, 2012 - Leading the Way

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