Our next TransFamilies of Santa Cruz meeting is Sat., Nov. 4, 2017, from 3-5 pm in Santa Cruz. Please call 831-818-2253 for information and location details. As always, if you have questions or concerns that need more immediate attention before our next meeting, call us at 831-818-2253 or 831-251-7749 or email:



Trans Life Line 877-565-8860

LGBTQ Homeless Shelter for Adults: 

The following link provides details on how to get onto the waitlist for a 90-day stay at Jazzie's Place,San Francisco. America's first homeless shelter dedicated to serving adults identifying as LGBTQ.                                                                                                                 Visit the website  

Accessing Gender Therapy
in Santa Cruz and the Bay Area:

Identifying and choosing an experienced gender therapist for your child and/or yourself can feel very  complicated and intimidating.  The following guidelines and resources have been compiled to ease your search. 

Who is a gender therapist? Not all clinicians who state that they treat transgender individuals have the same level of experience.  The link below will help you ask the right questions to make sure that your gender therapist has the training, experience and sensitivity to be right for you, your child or your family.

Where to look for gender therapists? 

The following local organizations have lists that include some of the local therapists who have experience providing gender related therapy. 

Santa Cruz Trans* has an extensive list of qualified gender therapists. 

Diversity Center Santa Cruz County  
Visit the website 

TransFamily Support of Santa Clara County (This is our Santa Clara branch. The website lists therapists our families have used and recommend in Santa Clara County as well as the family support meetings)
Visit the website

Gender Identity Awareness Network (Santa Clara County gender therapists and family support)
Visit the website 

Where can I find medical, personal care, insurance or legal help?

Santa Cruz Trans* Resources - This site has everything! Therapists, Medical, Personal care, Insurance, Legal, you name it! This is your overall Santa Cruz and bay area comprehensive resource site.
Visit the website  

Medical Professionals Recommended
by Members of the Transfamily Support Group:


Westside Health Center
1119 Pacific Ave., Suite 200 (Parking Lot Behind Building)
Santa Cruz, CA 95060
Visit the website for the Westside Health Center - Santa Cruz , CA  

Dr. Stephen M. Rosenthal
MD, Pediatric Endocrinologist, 
Professor of Pediatrics
Medical Director of the Child and Adolescent Gender Center.

Dr. Jennifer Hastings
MD, Family Practice Physician
Founder Transgender Health Care Program
Planned Parenthood Mar monte
Santa Cruz
(see above listing)

Dr Curtis Crane, Dr Thomas Satterwhite and Dr Heidi Wittenberg
At Brownstein and Crane Surgical Services.
Drs. Crane, Satterwhite, and Chen offer the full spectrum of gender surgery procedures for trans and gender non-conforming individuals,

Dr. Marci Bowers

345 Lorton Ave., Suite 101
Burlingame, CA 94010
Call Dr. Bowers' clinic manager, Angelita
650-570-2270 or 
contact her via email
Dr. Bowers' website offers detailed information of her practice serving trans individuals seeking Gender Reassignment Surgery (GRS) either Male to Female (MtF) or Female to Male (FtM)
Visit their website  

Dr. Scott Mosser
450 Sutter St. Suite 1000, San Francisco
Specializes in both trans male and trans female breast "top" surgeries
Visit their website  

Trans-Friendly Hair Removal Services:

There are 2 types of hair removal for trans women, Laser hair removal and Electrolysis. Laser is permanent but doesn't typically works on up to about 80% of hair with some fine hairs growing back. This is the preferred method for the combination of light skin and dark hair. Electrolysis is the only 100% permanent hair removal and is the only possible for method for those with light skin and blond or grey hair or those with dark skin and dark hair. All of our recommended locations offer a free consultations and sample try-out.
Visit one of several website describing the differences

Natural Foundations- laser hair removal - permanent hair reduction
4450 Capitola Road Ste 105, Capitola
831-250-6768 Tony very helpful
Often offers Group-on discounts

Laser Away- laser hair removal - permanent hair reduction
15200 Los Gatos Blvd. Los Gatos
Visit the website   
Often offers Group-on discounts

Oasis Elecrolysis- permanent hair removal
Visit their website  

Christine owns Oasis Electrolysis in Scotts Valley specializing in serving trans clients for all their hair removal needs.  She is a post-operative trans woman who herself experienced discrimination when seeking electrolysis in preparation for Gender Reassignment Surgery (GRS).  Because she knows how important electrolysis is to those who are medically transitioning, she changed careers to devote herself to providing compassionate service to her trans sisters and brothers.  Christine applies a sliding scale to her fees, so honestly discuss your financial situation with her. By providing discounts to college students, Christine intends to encourage her clients to enrolled, taking at least one class a quarter, to begin or continue a college career. 

Sperm Banks
For trans people who were assigned male at birth wishing to start estrogen hormone therapy, banking their sperm for future fertility options before starting estrogen is worth considering 

The Sperm Bank of California (TSBC)
TSBC is the first and only sperm bank in the US to operate as a nonprofit orgainization. Their Mission is to provide services, information, and resources to all individuals and families who choose to create or expand their families through doner insemination and sperm storage. Trans friendly.
2115 Milvia St, Suite 201
Berkeley, CA 94704
Visit the website 

California Cryobank in Los Altos
Visit the website

Hard to Find Clothing?
Personal styling for plus size women
Visit the website 

.5CC is a trans pride clothing line designed by a trans man. Also a good resource for chest binders new and used (donated) and education about them
Visit the website

GC2B is a recommended website for buying chest binders for trans men
Visit the website 

How to Add Your Recommendation to Our Resources Page:

If you would like to provide a recommendation for any services listed or not listed on our Resource page,  please contact a Transfamily Support Group member by calling/texting 831-818-2253 or emailing

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