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Saturday, September 16, 2017

CA has Sent New Gender Bill to Gov. Brown. Urge Him to Sign!

This is super important!
SB-179 the CA Gender Recognition Act Sept. 14th passed both houses in CA legislature and is now in the final stretch and needs your help by calling or emailing Governor Brown to urge him to sign SB-179 which he must do by Oct 15! Call him at 916-445-2841 or email directly from his website at email Governor Brown Here where there is an easy drop down menu and SB-179 is on it near the bottom. He has not indicated yet if he will sign it or not so everyone of us are needed to urge him to sign this!!

What is SB-179? 
It is a bill that Sept. 14th  finally passed the CA legislature authored by Senators Wiener and Atkins and co sponsored by our own Mark Stone and Equality CA and the Transgender Law Center. SB-179 changes 3 things:
* creates a 3rd nonbinary gender option on all CA documents including drivers licence and birth certificate.
* removes the current requirement for anyone changing gender and name to have a court appearance with a judge, it will become easy paper filing only.
* removes the current requirement for minors 16+ seeking gender and name change to have both parents agree and sign, one parent will be sufficient.

If signed by Gov Brown by Oct 15 2017 it will become law Jan 2019

I've been traveling multiple times to Sacramento to lobby for SB-179 accompanied by our own Dina Oskiera and Sara Kelly Keenan who is a SC intersex activist who has received a lot of press internationally for being the first person in CA to get her ID changed to non binary through a court fight and also the first person in the US to change her birth certificate to Intersex. ( she uses she/her pronouns and identifies as non binary) 
SB-179 will make it so in CA there will be a third gender option box to check that might say "other" next to male and female. We have been lobbying the legislature along with the Intersex and Genderqueer Recognition Project to testify before several committees both in the Senate and Assembly to fight for passage and after clearing 6 committe votes and then the entire Senate and Assembly we are now at the final hurdle, Gov. Browns signature!

Here is a great news piece from Buzzfeed that came out Sept. 14th about this (and features Sara Kelly Keenan)
Calif is Now One Step Closer to a Nonbinary ID Option

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