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Thursday, April 27, 2017

Transfamily Mom Attends CA Senate Hearing for SB-179

Photo op at the capitol with Senator Weiner who co-authored SB-179
with some of us from The Intersex and Genderqueer Recognition Project

On April 25th I took my second trip to Sacramento to help advance SB-179 through our California legislature to hopefully see it become law later this year. I wrote a previous blog on April 13th after our first trip to Sacramento April 4th detailing our adventure. I hope you'll enjoying reading it as well.

 SB-179 will provide 3 things:
* A third gender option "non-binary" on driver's licences.
* Will remove the current doctor letter requirement in order to receive a court order for legal name and/or gender change.
* Will allow minors 16+ to apply for a legal name and/or gender change with only one parent's approval. 
We were part of a small group from The Intersex and Genderqueer Recognition Project (IGRP). We had a lobbyist who set up meetings for us all morning to meet with the senators on the Judiciary committee to tell our personal stories and encourage them to vote yes on SB-179

 On the Judiciary committee was our own senator representing Santa Cruz Bill Monning. Sara Kelly Keenan an intersex activist was the lead witness at this hearing. Below is a video of Sara's 2 minute witness statement . Sara lives in Santa Cruz and was again my car pool partner along with Joy, the parent of the first non-binary minor in the USA awarded court documents with non-binary as their gender marker.They are also Santa Cruz residents.

Below is the 1 min video of my testimony including Joys testimony and her father's testimony who came in support of his grand child.

Below is the moving 2 minute witness statement by a father of a young transgender child

Below is a video of Senator Scott Weiners very moving closing statements about SB-179

SB-179 passed the Judiciary Committee with 5 yes, including Se and 1 no.
The bill now advances to the fiscal committee  in which we our input will not be needed, and then the whole senate votes.
After it passes the senate the bill starts all over with the Assembly in June and we will be there until it finally becomes law. What an adventure!

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