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Friday, July 29, 2016

10 Trans Men and Women You Never Learned About in History Class Plus Sarah McBride Makes History!

One way to help our kids feel proud of who they are, and to help us as parents feel proud for them is to learn about other trans folk both current and historical.

Here's an article about 5 transmen from history that most of us didn't know about. Of particular interest to us in Santa Cruz county is #4, Charley Parkhurst. I was shocked and surprised to learn this!

Does anyone know where the plaque in the article is located? It might be a fun field trip with your trans son to go on a field trip and discover this!
Charley Parkhurst

UPDATE: Charley Parkhurst, a very famous stage couch driver lived and died in Watsonville. Plaque at his grave is in the Pioneer Cemetery in Watsonville. Here's his very remarkable story in more detail:

Here's an article about 5 trans women from history that most us didn't learn about

And finally here's a video from yesterday of Sarah McBride, a trans woman making history as she became the first trans person ever to address a national political presidential convention. In addition to the video of her less then 4 min speach, this article outlines more of her bio.

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