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Friday, July 17, 2015

Guest Post - Nature vs Nurture: Studies Show a Biological Origin of Gender Dysphoria

This post was created by the Transfamily Support Group of Santa Clara County to help battle the assumptions about being transgender. 

It begins rather provocatively and we encourage you to "read more" to see the 15 studies that make the case for a biological origin of gender dysphoria.

Is it nature or nurture? 

It's a common question, and one posed by a Fox News commentator who was criticizing the California bill that allows transgender youth to use whatever bathroom and join whichever sports team they feel matches their gender identity.

Fox News’ Dr. Keith Ablow said, “I am not convinced by any science I can find that people with definitively male DNA and definitively male anatomy can actually be locked in a cruel joke of nature because they are actually female.”

What is the response to Ablow or anyone else questioning the origin of gender dysphoria? It’s a well-informed response with LOTS of studies showing a biological origin of gender dysphoria.  <read more>

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