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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Who’s Your Crush? Is He or She Transgender? Are You Sure?

I just read a great article that truly moved me. 

35 Trans Women I had Herocrushes on In 2013 appears on Autostraddle, “an intelligent, hilarious and provocative voice and a progressively feminist online community for a new generation of kick-ass lesbian, bisexual & otherwise inclined ladies (and their friends).”

Here’s why it was so cool for me. I've met and know some of these women!

I never thought I would be on a journey that would take me to places that are filled with beautiful, strong women. In fact, I consider them to be some of the bravest women I know. To be openly transgender - out in the public, living their lives in the face of steady discrimination - is such an inspiration to me.

I hope that after you read this article it will inspire you all to step out in faith and show your strength. Support transgender people and if you are transgender, please be proud of who you are. There are many of us who understand and support you!

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